5 sustainable living tips for beginners in 2021

Every day is a chance to change your life. We are going through a Pandemic for a year & half now but life goes on.

Life teaches us new lessons every day. Staying at home or working from home has been prevailing across the globe. Now this is a great time, we should try or opt for sustainable living because that is the future. The future depends on us how we treat the world now. When 7.8 billion people will come together, the future will be blissful. According to Forbes , 77 % of people of Australia & America want to learn how to live sustainably. The Indian people should also incorporate sustainable living style for climate change.

So let’s check few tips on how we can start living more sustainably in 2021.

Consume Less : Our consumption is driving the Climate change. Start your sustainable journey by consuming less. Be it your food or energy, clothes or single- use plastics. Less consumption also results in less wastage. Question yourself before consuming a new product, ‘Do you really need it ? ‘Why do you need it? ‘How long you will wear this ?” What’s the amount of wastage after you buy it? etc. Whenever you can , consume ecofriendly, sustainable, vegan & energy saving items .

Grow your own veggies or buy local: You don’t need a big yard or land to grow your veggies. To start off, you can grow herbs & leafy veggies in an old container or bottle or bag. Growing your own food or buying local can reduce carbon footprint ( by avoiding pesticides that pollute water & saving fossil fuel).

Repair, mend, Sew, Repurpose: Remember our grandmother always used to sew repair or mend the old items or cloths or repurpose old things into something useful . Before throwing our old or broken items always give them a second chance. In the world of consumerism, giving second life to your old items is needed in today’s world.

Save Water: Since childhood we have been hearing this phrase, water is precious. Save it! But do we actually think or work about it? As we all know that 3% of water is freshwater & out of which 2.5% are locked up in glaciers, polar ice caps, atmosphere & soil. While 0.5% are accessible freshwater. Every day we pollute our waterways by using harsh chemicals from each household which release toxins in water as well to air & soil. We are blessed now that water is accessible to us. Use it mindfully. Whenever you can, avoid it or use less. Fix your leakage, reduce shower timings, Use energy efficient water saving devices etc.

Avoid Fast Fashion : Fast fashion has a huge impact on society on environment & to people who made clothes. The fashion industry consume 79 trillions of water & throws 92 trillion of water every year. Buy less & wear more, give to someone who really need it, Organize a cloth swap party, buy from thrift store, borrow from family & friends. These are the sustainable ways for an outfit.

In addition to this, Use what you have, use chemical free products, & compost your kitchen waste are other ways to live sustainably this year. These are the basic for beginners to live sustainably. Stay tuned for more, i will be sharing soon.



Pic courtesy: http://www.change.org


Being sustainable is the future. Sustainable fashion is a good thing that happens lately these years. It is believed to help our Earth to minimize its waste. Changing trends is the most dangerous truth of the fashion industry ever. We as a being can put small effort & can try to make it better. Do check below the super amazing sustainable living hacks.

1. Dump less, Wear more : #dumplesswearmore is a hashtag by me on  Instagram . My motto behind this tagline to inspire people to wear clothes more & more that is lying in your closet for years. To donate Cloths is a noble deed. But check before donating. As most of the cloths often ended up in landfills. So reduce dumping too.

Representational image from Pinterest

2Wear Vintage/ Wear from Granny’s wardrobe: Vintage is always good & is never out of trend. You can buy super fabulous items from vintage shops online stores like eBay, etc. Old or Vintage stuff from your grandmother is also an amazing way to style up your wardrobe.

Wearing Granny’s Eri Silk Chador

3Thrift or secondhand: Buying Thrift clothes from charity stores, you will provide helping hands. Also, you can find the good stuff. Secondhand or pre-loved are trending nowadays. You can check websites like ThredUp , Poshmark, etc for super cool items.

This bag i got from a local thrift store

4. DIY/Upcycle/Recycle: You can use those old clothes in some DIY projects, Upcycle them to make something new & different. Nowadays Youtube is loaded with videos related to these projects.

Re-purpose or up-cycle a skirt

5. Reduce washing clothes: You must be thinking! Eeeeew! Seriously, less washing will save your time, wastage of water, detergent & save energy too. Buy stuff that needs less washing. Example -Jeans are meant to wear until its dirty. If you are a hygiene freak like me, after wearing each time dry it in sunlight for half an hour. Secondly after multiple uses, if you feel to clean it, steam the cloth & dry in the sunlight. Boom! You will get clean cloth to wear without washing. To iron your clothes also, you can use these tips😉

6. Buy long-lasting items: Whatever you buy for yourself, choose versatile & durable fabric. Ask yourself before buying- Do you need it? or Questions like How long you gonna wear it ??

7.Style it: Every single piece you own, wear it, style it,belt it, with a jacket or maybe with different footwear. You gonna love the styling ways.

8. Organize a cloth Swap Party: A swap party among friends, family, close ones & others can be very good for lazy people. You can meet people & also get good kinds of stuff by giving away your unused clothes.

Organize a swap party

9. Dig your Partner’s closet: When you feel, your wardrobe is out of stock. Don’t forget to dig his wardrobe to find his Shirts, Belts, Cap, Ties, T-shirt. Style it & rock it.

Upcycled Hubby’s shirt as a dress

10. Sports Shoes are life savers: Whether its travel or casual day out, monsoon or summer, jeans or dress, Indian or Western. A good quality is the versatile of all. You can wear it thousand times.

Did you know all of these hacks? Does it seem interesting? Lazy people like me could relate to this. Do let me know in the comments section below, which of these you wanna try.

Thanks for reading & I promise to come up with more related topics, tips, etc. in my upcoming post every week.❤❤❤ Much love

Pic Courtesy: The Guardian