How to make Quarantine days better?

Quarantine days could be so boring & disturbing. It’s been more than a month the country is under lock down. US, Italy UK & many places of the world are now victims of Covid-19.

With lock down all around the world, people are facing issues like mental health, depression, domestic violence, etc. We are already going through a lot of things. We don’t want more complications.

So, came up with an idea to work in fun collaboration with few ladies of our country.

Dance baby Dance!

Dance is so much fun & relaxing. Everyone can dance. Move your hand or feet. Sway along with the wind. Imagine like you are flying. See, didn’t i told you its simple. Play the music on & dance. Thank me later!

Quarantine days will be so much better when you move your body. It will boost up your energy, rejuvenate your mind & also workout to improve your days.

Check the link above for easy choreography.

Much love.