Beginner’s Guide – Things to carry for trekking.

I am an avid traveler but started trekking as a part of adventure 6 months back. I planned a night trekking for the first time with a few of my Apartment mates. It was an instant plan.

Few were homemakers & few were working! Though all were loaded with responsibilities yet the dreams of women can’t be stopped.

We planned suddenly for a night trip & were excited. Being a trekker for the first time I loaded my waterproof VIP backpack with all the stuff which i carry as a solo traveler. Later, at midnight when we reach the destination to start the trekking, then i realized my mistake. We had to do trekking for 3-4 km and then cave exploring for about an hour which we had to cross with a narrow passage. It was a tough time for me to cross those narrow & steep rocks inside the caves. with a bag loaded with essentials.


Always travel light, if you are going for a night trek make it sure to pack light.

Here is the few essentials list in a night trekking/ day trekking.

The list is as follows:

  1. A rucksack: Good back support & waterproof bag is needed for trekking.
  2. Shoes: Hard soled trekking shoes / good quality running shoes are required for a trek. You can add one pair of slippers too.
  3. A torch, it is a must whether night or a day trek: It is said to carry a torch all the time. It helps you in SOS also. Whenever you do travel, Take a torch along with you. Head Torch is generally helpful for trekking or hiking purpose.
  4. Water bottle & Food:  Always carry a water bottle wherever you go to keep your hydrated. Keep & store some energy bars or snacks for yourself. Bonus: Add lemon/lemon juice which will keep you fresh for the night.
  5. A lightweight windcheater jacket/raincoat & a hooded jacket: Another important of all is a rain Coat or a windcheater & a jacket. It prevents you from cold & rain during the trek.
  6. Avoid cotton clothes: Instead of cotton, wear synthetic & light clothes. Regarding socks, avoid cotton & wear thick synthetic or woolen cloths which will prevent blisters, if wet or sweaty. Layered Clothing & full sleeves trousers are recommended.
  7. Newspaper+ Toilet Tissue+ Carry Poly Bag: Travel responsibly wherever you go. Don’t forget to carry all these. Take a matchbox & Newspaper to lit fire. Deodorant is an alternative to put on fire. ( Don’t forget to put out the fire )
  8. Mobile+Power Bank+ Extra batteries: Mobile nowadays will solve most of our problems. It can navigate, can use its flashlight & also take photographs.
  9.  First Aid Kit +a rope + a knife + a marker/chalk: Mini First aid box with few SOS medicines. Its better to carry an insect repellent too. A lightweight rope with a Swiss Knife & chalk is essential for a trek/hike.
  10. A Hat+ Sunglasses+ binoculars+ Umbrella + Camera: These are optional.


Travel responsibly. Go & see the world, explore each part of your country. It helps you to explore and know more about yourself.

It was lovely to share with you my part of the story. Do let me know your story & tell me what are the things essential for you. Kindly comment on the section below & it will help me to write.

Loads of love & wishes. ❤ ❤


What are the 5 Foods that You Must Try in GOA?

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Goa is all time favorite destination for many people. Beaches relax & soothe your mind. But apart from enjoying there in a lazy sea beach, I love to create some good memories to cherish in future. So here I explore Goa & got few things to try & taste .


1. Feni  A local alcohol made of cashew nuts are the delicious local drink of Goa! Feni is made from the first extract of cashew! Coconut feni is also made which is generally popular in South Goa.


 2. Rawa Fish Fry -King Fish, Prawns etc are served fried, rawa fried, whole fried etc. Rawa Fried is the authentic fried of Goa.

          download (1)

3. Indo- Portuguese Lunch – Few of the Portuguese origin dishes are mixed with Indian flavored are served in Goa. However, give your taste  buds something new Portuguese origin dishes as, Caldeirada– fish stew dish, Assado de Leitoa– roasted piglet, Feijoada– a stew of beef & beans. I don’t eat beef but have heard from friends.

images  download (3) images (1)

4. Pork/ Chicken Vindalhoo A traditional dish flavored with chillies, Garlic & Vinegar, that gives a tangy taste is a must to try, if you are in Goa.

        images (2).jpg

5. Goan Curry –   King Fish, Prawns,  Shark etc are prepared in Goan curry. I simply love this authentic taste.

      images (3)


**Sannas & Perad Sannas are traditional bread served with every Goan recipe, while Perad is a Guava Jam prepared in all houses of Goa.

images (5) download (4).jpg

**English Breakfast & Omelettes – You will get a proper English Breakfast in Goa. It is easy to get anywhere!  Whereas Ros Omelette is an authentic Konkani dish found in Goa. If you are a egg lover, you must try it!

download (5) download (7).jpg


Note- Items varies from place to place. A local eatery is a good place to get that authentic flavour. I didn’t taste all the items. Few of them are tasted by my friends. 

#Vegetarians – Next time will try to post something for you too ! 😉

Thanks all for reading my posts! I am loving it to share my experiences with you. 😊

Stay happy & positive !💕

Love, Sikha!😍

10 Essentials when you are going to a beach!! ❤❤❤

I am a thalassophile & I realised it little late in life. I love ocean or sea, beach, water or sand. Being a beach lover, every time it’s difficult to carry too many staffs. So, I keep it simple, easy & innovative.

I would like to share my quick lists.

1. Sunglasses

Take 2- 3 pair of sunglasses with you whenever you are heading to a beach. Sunglasses protect you from UV rays of sun & keep your looks refreshed in different photos.

2. Stoles

They are the savers for me. If you don’t have a cloth to wear, wrap it, wear it, tie it. You can pair it up with dresses, skirts, shorts which definitely gives fresh looks.( 3-4 stoles)

3. Buttoned dress or shirts

Buttoned dress & shirts can be paired up with shorts. You can easily wear them. Full sleeves shirts also protect you from the sun. You can play or create your own way. 😊

4. Add chiffon or light clothes

Chiffon dresses are light weight, easy to carry, can be cleaned easily. Those flowy & airy dresses are comfortable & look good in photographs.

Add one or two hats with you. I sometimes prefer to carry a cap too, which I wear with short or casual wear. They protects your eyes & face from the sun 🌅

6. LWD

Lacy Little White Dress is a must whenever you are going to the beach. It looks subtle & clean. White looks gorgeous in photos. You can again wear it on your dinner date.

7. Flip flops, embellished Flats

You need at least 2 flip-flops at the beach. Embellished flats are pretty with a long flowy dress or short dresses. ( If you are a fashionista carry 2 extra to show off your legs & also your flats, post lots of pictures👌👌)

8. Comfy Shoe

Take a pair of shoes. You will need it while travelling or if you plan to go somewhere away from the beach.

9. Accessorize yourself.

Wear funky or statement Bangles, neckpiece, earrings to look bright in photos. I personally don’t prefer these stuffs, I avoid those on sunny days. But obviously, I wear it for a photoshoot. If you are a person who love accessories , you can play with them your way. Take tank tops also with you. 😜😜😜

10. Buy on the spot.

If you still feels you have fewer clothes, buy cheap kinds of stuff from the local market. You would definitely love to wear those.

Keep it less, simple, easy & innovative with the dresses you have.

Hope you like my posts. If you are the one who love to create your own personal style or make innovative ways to dress in the beach, then share me with your comments below.

Stay tuned for more posts.

Thanks for reading. 💕💕

How to solo travel with these 10 life hacks?

Traveling is a passion for most of us. It’s been a decade I am traveling solo across India. Here are the few useful hacks I would like to share you.
Happy reading!!

Hope you will like it.

1. Traveling solo is though inspiring but in reality it’s little risky. Be mentally prepared before traveling solo. Schedule your itineraries beforehand. Be ready for last minute changes. Do keep self defense non- lethal weapons with you.

2. Going to washroom is the biggest challenge while traveling alone. Try to make a friend so that he or she can hold your bag for a while. Or keep a small bag with you , where you can keep those important stuffs and take it to the loo.

3. Handling of cash is little difficult. Keep petty cash everywhere. Keep cash in the backpack, inside your hair bun,inside your sleeves or brassiere. 😉

4. Take a small water bottle & first aid kit. Do take 2 packets of ORS & few basic medicines. Food & climate change may lead you sickness. Always keep these handy.

5. If you are traveling abroad, preferably try to take veg food. Do meet genuine locals through website like who will help you in guiding. 😉

6. Keep your gadgets fully charged. 2 cells recommended. A power bank is a must. Take a selfie stick or a tripod to capture those beautiful moments.

7. Maintain a diary. Track your costs. Memorize important contact numbers or note it. Try to get connect with a trusted local or your family member/ friend. Keep them updated about your location.

8. Wear convertible or layered cloths so that you can wear over again. Light weight cloths recommended. Two dark shade pants with 6 to 7 tees & 3 shirts. 2/ 3 good shoes is enough.

9. Use a big scarf that you can style up or can use as required. Whether in flight or AC room it is very simple yet essential.

10. Lastly, be bold & brave enough to face situations. Stay confident. Don’t let others think or know you are new to the place. Ask hostel/ hotel staffs to arrange for local trips.

Go & explore the world. Don’t let your fears stop you. First travel within your country then go abroad. Whatever you want to do, just start.
Let your spirit be filled with all the powers you have within..

Thanks for reading. More posts coming up.

Quick tips to travel Shillong, Scotland of the east!

Whenever you think of a budget trip you could plan it here in no time. Meghalaya is enriched with cultural and natural beauty. Adventure, weekend trips, shopping, fun time with friends and family are hot deals of it. You will find the magic and serenity of the place once you enter its boundary. No wonder India has lots of places to visit but Meghalaya should be the top of your bucket list.

If you think of doing something crazy, just pack your bags for Shillong. I used to do it often. Every time your experiences will be different.

Rushed there with your essentials that too instantly. All you need to do is reach International airport of Guwahati, Assam from any place. You can keep it simple, low budget and self-customized. Straight from the airport to the Guwahati city will cost around 500 or you can book Ola/Uber for less price and reach Paltan Bazaar Taxi Stand where you will find available rented taxis on the personal basis which will cost around Rs. 1200 for the car or for sharing basis Rs.300 each person.

Once you started your trip with the taxi it will reach Shillong in two hours. On the way, you will find Nongpoh where evening tea or lunch can be done. It is the starting point from where you will feel the beauty of the State popularly known as ‘Abode of Clouds’.


Before reaching the city of Shillong you will witness the scenic beauty of Umiam Lake popularly known as Barapani. It is known for hydro power project constructed a dam which is also famous for boating, kayaking, water cycling etc.

Shillong is situated at 1496m above sea level which has most dwellers from the Khasi and Jaintia Tribes. It is surrounded by hills in most of the places. Police Bazaar is the place where you will find hotels at reasonable prices starting from 1000-1500 to stay for 3-4 nights. Within the city, one can feel the scenic beauty of the land. The main attraction of the place includes Elephant falls, Hydari Park, Shillong Peak, Wards Lake, Golf Course, State Museum, Don Bosco center for Indigenous.


Meghalaya has been evolving faster in the new era of travel and tourism. One must not miss this place which will give immense pleasure for being in this State.

More interesting posts will come up in near future.