What's the Other Side of Corona!

“Time flies’ – that’s the saying. But in this current situation of Corona-virus pandemic spread, time can go slow. The days are long. Self-isolation or quarantine is one of the key strategies to reduce the risk of infection rates. These isolation periods involve individuals or families staying within their homes, and not having physical contact with those outside. With the prospect of school and daycare closures, malls, restaurant as well as workplaces shutting down or moving to remote working, many more families around the world face the prospect of precisely the kind of long days.

But if we see the other side of it, the air around is cleaner; less pollutants less noisy. The hectic pace of World has slowed. We’re breathing consciously and grateful for being alive. Families are spending time together but what we end up hearing is “I’m bored”. First know that getting bored is not bad, because if we look at the brighter side of it, boredom sometimes leads to increased creativity and helps to think out of the box. Example is live, I sat down and found time to give shape to my thoughts which otherwise might have got blurred by being “non quarantine”.

So, coming to the point, what one can do to fill the void of being house arrest:

  1. Fitness first: Now that all fitness centers are closed, it’s time to revise the knowledge that you gained and be your own coach for yoga and meditation or have your own playlist and burn calories. Working out as a family can be a good cross training as your kid might tell you some stretching which he learnt in his football class, you can give them a dance fitness session and the man can give the nuances of yoga and meditation.

2. Travel back in time: Not physically but emotionally.  We are so busy clicking pictures that we hardly find time to look at what we clicked. Now it’s the time to go back to pictures of childhood your graduation day or may be your honeymoon and bring a sense of nostalgia.

Image result for family watching old photo albums

3. At-home movie:  Now that your partner is working remotely as a result saving time in commuting, this time can be utilized to have a family movie time together with kids around for some comedy or thriller like “The Avengers”, or you can also plan a movie date with your partner to rekindle the feelings of; romance by watching “The Notebook”, erotic by “Fifty Shades of Grey” or enlightened by “The Tashkent files”.

4. Kitchen Time:  You can encourage kids to help you in cooking and baking. It will not only make them smart but versatile too. And then the table with a new runner can be decorated with flowers, dim lights and jazz background music to give a restaurant style experience at home, which can sometimes be also converted to a romantic candlelight dinner date with your spouse.

Image result for indian family cooking together

5. Craft and Organize: It’s the time to give a new look to your room with some simple DIY décor. Also, time to arrange those messy wardrobes and organize the drawers, kid’s study table and make them ready for new session. Kids can also venture into some new painting techniques and craft work.

Image result for organise bed  room

6. Board room to board game: The millennial children should also be introduced to board games like chess and carom. In addition to teaching them about teamwork, patience and how to win and lose gracefully, these games also sharpen their focus.

Image result for indoor games family playing

7. Balcony Picnic: Lay out carpets and blankets in the balcony, set out some lanterns and candles, eat dinner or read books. Or sometimes we can just talk, nothing else. In the rat race we are always after the kid to feed advice/information and forget the “Simple joy of just talking.”

Image result for family fitness in balcony

It is easier said than done, you might fail in few trials or the result might not be as per expectation, but the idea here is to find the best workaround and spend some quality family time. Yes, we will overcome this virus. But I hope we continue with this way of being.

Stay safe, stay cool



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