What are the 8 emotions every bride feels on Wedding Day & How to deal with it?

Finally, you are getting hitched. What can be more exciting & fascinating than a Wedding Day?

Marriage is an amalgamation of emotions for a bride. Love, joy, excitement, sadness, anxiety, anger, etc are experienced on the wedding day. Wedding bells are ringing around the corner & you must be busy preparing for your marriage. From wedding planning to the last moment thing, the list is long. It’s natural to experience different emotions.

Anxiety: Anxiety is common & it is bound to increase. After all, it is the big event of your life. Brides or Groom are worried about the big day & new phase of life. You tend to get anxious about your perfect looks on the wedding day, the decoration, food & lots more. Everything needs to be in the proper place on the wedding day. To get relief from your anxiety, do yoga & meditation for 10-15 mins.

Happiness/Joy: You must have butterflies in your stomach thinking about the wedding day. Beautiful dresses, photographers all around, meeting your friends, family, co-workers, etc occupies your mind. You will be amazed to see the love & support from family & friends. You will be the centre of attraction & its once in a lifetime feeling. Aah! See that. That’s the excitement of the wedding. Keep that bright smile on!

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Sadness: It is a common emotion like joy. Will you be able to commit yourself to the marriage? Can you accept your new home? How can you move to a different city? What new phase of life brings? All of these are a bit scary & makes you sad. Relax you can handle this!

Love: A wedding is all about love. An emotion, love & warmth is the best of all. Showering love, bonding, taking an oath, marriage vows gives you a sense of love. Close your eyes, stay calm & feel the vibe!

Anger: At times for a few of us, it’s difficult to cope with the upcoming changes of the wedding day. The pressure of a wedding often led to disagreements, disgrace, argues & anger. So, don’t take much pressure & everything is going to be fine.

Doubt: Doubting your partner/ doubting another person whom you assigned tasks. You doubt your decision of getting married too. Don’t worry! These are Pre-wedding jitters or stress. Stay focussed.

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Pride: A moment of accomplishment valued socially. Wedding is the moment of pride for officially accepting the love of your life, your partner or the better half.

Hope: Like all other aspects, the wedding day comes with new hope & aspirations of your conjugal life.

How to deal with your wedding emotions?

  1. Eat well & healthy. Grab a snack or small meals every 2-3 hours. Keep yourself hydrated.
  2. Sleep for 6-8 hours & take a nap of 10-15 minutes, when you feel exhausted.
  3. Think Positive. Good thoughts make everything good. So, keep negativity away.
  4. Relax & breathe. Deep breathe helps you to calm down in a tougher situation. So, don’t forget to breathe & intake oxygen.
  5. Lastly, Plan the Wedding a little ahead of time. Maintain a Calendar & Write down everything you need to do & divide works to your family members & friends Or best is to hire a Wedding Planner (this will help you & can save lots of time)
  6. Take a break & enjoy some ‘me time’. It will help you & thank me later.

Congratulations! Your big day is arriving soon. Take a deep breath & enjoy your wedding.

Much love, Sikha

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