Shabby/Old Outfit Challenge😜

Can you think of something better out of old or shabby clothes?? i got few! Want to check ???

Here i would like to introduce a Challenge named as #shabbyoufitchallenge. A challenge to go sustainable & environment friendly. How often we do use our same piece of clothing. In a year, we hardly use an item for 10 days.  In the fast fashion world, we need to slow down. Buy what we need, or sustainable which we wear again & again. If we dispose an item after 6 months to 1 year, or donate , it will often ended up in landfills. I know, most of us already know it & I won’t give you educational info. You peeps are smart & you know what’s best for you. 

Let’s start with outfits ideas. These items I want to dispose once & then i got this idea of creating same old clothes with some twist. The whole idea is to make use of my clothes which i use rarely.  

Look 1 : Old creased Kurti & a palazzo. Pair it up with some bright dupatta to give a different & fresh look. Here I am sharing 2 looks for it. Accessorize it with earrings, nose ring, bangles etc. Boom! You are good to go in an evening party! Play around with the stuffs you have & you will find wonder & happiness in it. 👍

Orange Kurti _ Window Shopping
Pallazo_ Amazon
Dupatta- Amazon
Satin Dupatta- Amazon

Look 2: Old basic white T-shirt & Classic Pencil Maxi Skirt. I know most of us have these in our wardrobe. So, take out from the closet & style it with a sneakers & a shirt dress or a jacket or a shirt. You wear it or tie it on waist. Both the ways, you will look super cool.  Tie a top notch hair bun or half bun to give a more chic look. Voila ! You are ready to rock a casual party or outing or its perfect for a day outfit.  👗 

Shirt Dress _ People

Look 3: Night wear/ Old Trousers –My night dress or old trousers paired with basic white tees. Also with a bright jacket or a shirt dress. You can wear sneakers or stilettos. I prefer to go with a black sneakers.👌  

Shirt Dress- Amazon
Night Suit _ Zeyo

Look 4: An old boho Skirt – The next looks is to pair my old boho skirt. Basic white t-shirt & a trench coat or a shirt dress, etc. Accessorize it with a classy handbag & a watch. Wear a pair of stilettos or sneakers.  I am lover of casuals, so avoiding heels & accessories. You can play with your stuffs. 👗 

White Basic t-shirt _ Mark & Spencer
Shoe_ Reebok
Skirt- Fancy Bazaar, Assam. Reference

Look 5: A white vintage dress/kurta – This in an Indo- Western dress. I add this looks in my previous blog too. A 10 years old kurti, i have paired it up with jeans & white sneakers. to brighten the looks i wore a red bandhej dupatta. i call it Kajol lools from K2H2 but yes definitely with a twist. 👏

Dupatta_ Bandhej Bandhani
Kurta _ I don’t remember😜 . Its an Old one. For Reference

Which looks, you like the most. Do let me know in the comments section below so that i can keep myself motivated to write more. If you have something similar, then share with me your photos & comments. 🤞✌

Thank you amazing peeps.😍😍 

Xoxo Sikha.❤❤


Author: aquashimmergirl

traveler, blogger, dancer, optimist, enthusiast, photographer!

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