Beginner’s Guide – Things to carry for trekking.

I am a avid traveler but started trekking as a part of adventure 6 months back. I planned a night trekking for the first time with few of my Apartment mates. It was a instant plan.

Few were home makers & few were working! Though all were loaded with responsibilities yet the dreams of woman can’t be stopped.

We planned suddenly for a night trip & were excited. Being a trekker for first time I loaded my  waterproof  VIP backpack with all the stuffs which i carry as a solo traveler. Later, at midnight when we reach the destination to start the trekking, then i realised my mistake. We had to do trekking for 3-4 kms and then cave exploring for about an hour which we had to cross with narrow passage. It was a tough time for me to cross those narrow & steep rocks inside the caves. with a bag loaded with essentials.


Always travel light, if you are going for a night trek make it sure to pack light.

Here are the few essential list in a night trekking/ day trekking.

The list are as follows:

  1. A rucksack : Good back support & water proof bag is needed for trekking.
  2. Shoes: Hard soled trekking shoes / good quality running shoes is required for a trek. You can add one pair of slippers too.
  3. A torch, it is a must whether a night or a day trek: It is said to carry a torch all the time. It helps you in SOS also. Whenever you do a travel, Take a torch along with you. Head Torch is generally helpful for trekking or hiking purpose.
  4. Water bottle & Food:  Always carry a water bottle wherever you go to keep your hydrated. Keep & store some energy bar or snacks for yourself. Bonus: Add lemon/lemon juice which will keep you fresh for the night.
  5. A light weight windcheater jacket/rain coat & a hooded jacket: Another important of all is the a rain Coat or a wind cheater & a jacket. It prevents you from cold & rain during the trek.
  6. Avoid Cotton cloths: Instead of cotton , wear synthetic & light cloths. Regarding socks, avoid cotton & wear thick synthetic or woolen cloths which will prevents blisters, if wet or sweaty. Layered Clothing & full sleeves trousers are recommended.
  7. Newspaper+ Toilet Tissue+ Carry Poly Bag: Travel responsibly wherever you go. Don’t forget to carry all these. Take a match box & Newspaper to lit fire. Deodorant is an alternative to put on fire. ( Don’t forget to put out the fire )
  8. Mobile+Power Bank+ Extra batteries: Mobile now a days will solve most of our problems. It can navigate, can use its flash light & also take photographs.
  9.  First Aid Kit +a rope + a knife + a marker/chalk: Mini First aid box with few SOS medicines. Its better to carry an insect repellent too.  A light weight rope with a  Swiss Knife & a chalk is essential for a trek/hike.
  10. A Hat+ Sunglasses+ binoculars+ Umbrella + Camera: These are optional.


Travel responsibly. Go & see the world, explore each part of your country. It helps you to explore and know more about yourself.

It was lovely to share you my part of the story. Do let me know your story & tell me what are the things essential for you. Kindly comment on the section below & it will help me to write.

Loads of love & wishes. ❤ ❤



Author: aquashimmergirl

traveler, blogger, dancer, optimist, enthusiast, photographer!

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