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Shabby/Old Outfit Challenge😜

Can you think of something better out of old or shabby clothes?? i got few! Want to check ???

Here i would like to introduce a Challenge named as #shabbyoufitchallenge. A challenge to go sustainable & environment friendly. How often we do use our same piece of clothing. In a year, we hardly use an item for 10 days.  In the fast fashion world, we need to slow down. Buy what we need, or sustainable which we wear again & again. If we dispose an item after 6 months to 1 year, or donate , it will often ended up in landfills. I know, most of us already know it & I won’t give you educational info. You peeps are smart & you know what’s best for you. 

Let’s start with outfits ideas. These items I want to dispose once & then i got this idea of creating same old clothes with some twist. The whole idea is to make use of my clothes which i use rarely.  

Look 1 : Old creased Kurti & a palazzo. Pair it up with some bright dupatta to give a different & fresh look. Here I am sharing 2 looks for it. Accessorize it with earrings, nose ring, bangles etc. Boom! You are good to go in an evening party! Play around with the stuffs you have & you will find wonder & happiness in it. 👍

Orange Kurti _ Window Shopping
Pallazo_ Amazon
Dupatta- Amazon
Satin Dupatta- Amazon

Look 2: Old basic white T-shirt & Classic Pencil Maxi Skirt. I know most of us have these in our wardrobe. So, take out from the closet & style it with a sneakers & a shirt dress or a jacket or a shirt. You wear it or tie it on waist. Both the ways, you will look super cool.  Tie a top notch hair bun or half bun to give a more chic look. Voila ! You are ready to rock a casual party or outing or its perfect for a day outfit.  👗 

Shirt Dress _ People

Look 3: Night wear/ Old Trousers –My night dress or old trousers paired with basic white tees. Also with a bright jacket or a shirt dress. You can wear sneakers or stilettos. I prefer to go with a black sneakers.👌  

Shirt Dress- Amazon
Night Suit _ Zeyo

Look 4: An old boho Skirt – The next looks is to pair my old boho skirt. Basic white t-shirt & a trench coat or a shirt dress, etc. Accessorize it with a classy handbag & a watch. Wear a pair of stilettos or sneakers.  I am lover of casuals, so avoiding heels & accessories. You can play with your stuffs. 👗 

White Basic t-shirt _ Mark & Spencer
Shoe_ Reebok
Skirt- Fancy Bazaar, Assam. Reference

Look 5: A white vintage dress/kurta – This in an Indo- Western dress. I add this looks in my previous blog too. A 10 years old kurti, i have paired it up with jeans & white sneakers. to brighten the looks i wore a red bandhej dupatta. i call it Kajol lools from K2H2 but yes definitely with a twist. 👏

Dupatta_ Bandhej Bandhani
Kurta _ I don’t remember😜 . Its an Old one. For Reference

Which looks, you like the most. Do let me know in the comments section below so that i can keep myself motivated to write more. If you have something similar, then share with me your photos & comments. 🤞✌

Thank you amazing peeps.😍😍 

Xoxo Sikha.❤❤

4 easy Indo -Western dress on-the go!!

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Reading time : 1.20 mins.

I always love the combination of Indo- Western dress!

I like to wear it since long time back but never realised that Indo- Western looks can be super cool. So, i thought of sharing my look book with you.

1. Indo top with Jeans: This is super cute & adorable combination of dress. Take a Indian printed or a silk top & pair it up with a jeans & a kohlapuri chappal or heels! It is easy & instant look to stand out among the crowd.

2. Kurti with sneakers: A white kurti is always super cool basics from the summer wardrobe. It will glam up the casual look when you pair it up with white sneakers.

3. Simplify Lahenga: Last but not the least is a lehenga. Simplify your gorgeous lahenga with a basic/plain t-shirt. Pair it up with a gorgeous colored silk or chiffon duppatta & a heel. You will look stunning in this Indo Western dress.

4. Kurti with a dress: A western dress with a kurti. You must have seen my instagram page where i did post my pictures of simple dress. A shirt kurti dress paired with a casual dress. It is conformable & looks stylish while travelling.


You must be knowing me by now. A Shopaholic turned to a budget person to save my money & do more travel. Now i am into slow fashion & use/ experiment a dress in many ways.

Sharing is always better as it might help someone like me in this world. Keep spread girl love.

Thanks for reading. 😍💓😍💓😍💓

Beginner’s Guide – Things to carry for trekking.

I am a avid traveler but started trekking as a part of adventure 6 months back. I planned a night trekking for the first time with few of my Apartment mates. It was a instant plan.

Few were home makers & few were working! Though all were loaded with responsibilities yet the dreams of woman can’t be stopped.

We planned suddenly for a night trip & were excited. Being a trekker for first time I loaded my  waterproof  VIP backpack with all the stuffs which i carry as a solo traveler. Later, at midnight when we reach the destination to start the trekking, then i realised my mistake. We had to do trekking for 3-4 kms and then cave exploring for about an hour which we had to cross with narrow passage. It was a tough time for me to cross those narrow & steep rocks inside the caves. with a bag loaded with essentials.


Always travel light, if you are going for a night trek make it sure to pack light.

Here are the few essential list in a night trekking/ day trekking.

The list are as follows:

  1. A rucksack : Good back support & water proof bag is needed for trekking.
  2. Shoes: Hard soled trekking shoes / good quality running shoes is required for a trek. You can add one pair of slippers too.
  3. A torch, it is a must whether a night or a day trek: It is said to carry a torch all the time. It helps you in SOS also. Whenever you do a travel, Take a torch along with you. Head Torch is generally helpful for trekking or hiking purpose.
  4. Water bottle & Food:  Always carry a water bottle wherever you go to keep your hydrated. Keep & store some energy bar or snacks for yourself. Bonus: Add lemon/lemon juice which will keep you fresh for the night.
  5. A light weight windcheater jacket/rain coat & a hooded jacket: Another important of all is the a rain Coat or a wind cheater & a jacket. It prevents you from cold & rain during the trek.
  6. Avoid Cotton cloths: Instead of cotton , wear synthetic & light cloths. Regarding socks, avoid cotton & wear thick synthetic or woolen cloths which will prevents blisters, if wet or sweaty. Layered Clothing & full sleeves trousers are recommended.
  7. Newspaper+ Toilet Tissue+ Carry Poly Bag: Travel responsibly wherever you go. Don’t forget to carry all these. Take a match box & Newspaper to lit fire. Deodorant is an alternative to put on fire. ( Don’t forget to put out the fire )
  8. Mobile+Power Bank+ Extra batteries: Mobile now a days will solve most of our problems. It can navigate, can use its flash light & also take photographs.
  9.  First Aid Kit +a rope + a knife + a marker/chalk: Mini First aid box with few SOS medicines. Its better to carry an insect repellent too.  A light weight rope with a  Swiss Knife & a chalk is essential for a trek/hike.
  10. A Hat+ Sunglasses+ binoculars+ Umbrella + Camera: These are optional.


Travel responsibly. Go & see the world, explore each part of your country. It helps you to explore and know more about yourself.

It was lovely to share you my part of the story. Do let me know your story & tell me what are the things essential for you. Kindly comment on the section below & it will help me to write.

Loads of love & wishes. ❤ ❤


5 Foods : You Must Try in GOA!!

Reading time – 3 mins (300words)

Goa is all time favorite destination for many people. Beaches relax & soothe your mind. But apart from enjoying there in a lazy sea beach, I love to create some good memories to cherish in future. So here I explore Goa & got few things to try & taste .


1. Feni  A local alcohol made of cashew nuts are the delicious local drink of Goa! Feni is made from the first extract of cashew! Coconut feni is also made which is generally popular in South Goa.


 2. Rawa Fish Fry -King Fish, Prawns etc are served fried, rawa fried, whole fried etc. Rawa Fried is the authentic fried of Goa.

          download (1)

3. Indo- Portuguese Lunch – Few of the Portuguese origin dishes are mixed with Indian flavored are served in Goa. However, give your taste  buds something new Portuguese origin dishes as, Caldeirada– fish stew dish, Assado de Leitoa– roasted piglet, Feijoada– a stew of beef & beans. I don’t eat beef but have heard from friends.

images  download (3) images (1)

4. Pork/ Chicken Vindalhoo A traditional dish flavored with chillies, Garlic & Vinegar, that gives a tangy taste is a must to try, if you are in Goa.

        images (2).jpg

5. Goan Curry –   King Fish, Prawns,  Shark etc are prepared in Goan curry. I simply love this authentic taste.

      images (3)


**Sannas & Perad Sannas are traditional bread served with every Goan recipe, while Perad is a Guava Jam prepared in all houses of Goa.

images (5) download (4).jpg

**English Breakfast & Omelettes – You will get a proper English Breakfast in Goa. It is easy to get anywhere!  Whereas Ros Omelette is an authentic Konkani dish found in Goa. If you are a egg lover, you must try it!

download (5) download (7).jpg


Note- Items varies from place to place. A local eatery is a good place to get that authentic flavour. I didn’t taste all the items. Few of them are tasted by my friends. 

#Vegetarians – Next time will try to post something for you too ! 😉

Thanks all for reading my posts! I am loving it to share my experiences with you. 😊

Stay happy & positive !💕

Love, Sikha!😍

Who are we ? Assamese at heart! 💕

Reading time- 5 mins(400 words)

Assam is a land of diverse culture & resources.

It’s about Assamese people. For esp.those who don’t know about Assam(India).

1. We are Assamese!

Assam is an independent state. We have our own script. A part of seven sisters states, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh. People need to update their Geography beyond Sikkim & Darjeeling.

2. Assamese are Hindus!

We are Hindus in majority, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, etc. are also here. We respect all! We have different ethnic groups of Assam.

3. We eat Rice !

Rice cultivation is the major agricultural product of Assam. Being foodie, we respect food of other people. We eat many veg dishes & non-veg esp. Fish,Chicken, Duck,Mutton.

Momo & Chowmein are not our staple food.


4. We don’t live in jungles !

We are rich in natural resource & infrastructure. We are educated & civilised people. We have Oil Industry, Tea Industry, Coal , Silk Industry, Jute, Cement etc.

5. We are dowry free state!

In addition to other North Eastern states, Assam is a dowry free state. We don’t have child marriage either. We do love marriage too.

6. Women also take part in politics

We do cast our vote ! We respect both men & women! In decision making process women also plays a vital role. We do jobs , we take care of our parents & also husband’s family.

7. Assam is a fertile land!

We are rich in culture & agriculture. We celebrate 3 Bihu in Assam. Also Durga Puja, Diwali, Holi, Christmas, Eid etc . We cultivate rice, jute, pulses, maize, wheat,oil seeds, cotton,tea, oil seeds etc.

8. We are neither Chinese or Japanese.

We are Indian with Mongloid trait. We have generally small eyes but that doesn’t mean we are Chinese. I have seen many people/ tribes around India have small eyes. If they are never being called as chinky ( an offensive word), so respect us too.

9. Assam is great tourist spot.

Umananda to Majuli, Kamakhya temple, Historical monuments of Ahom Dynsaty, Kaziranga & Manas National Park, Soalkuchi- the silk village of Assam, rivers & many others makes Assam a tourist spot of India.


10. We are good in educational sector.

Starting from IIT, NIT, Central University in Tezpur & Silchar, Agricultural, Medical & Engineering Institutions etc. are the educational institutions we have in Assam.

I would like to request you to visit Assam & other North Eastern places, you will know us.

This beautiful Brahmaputra & Barak valley of Assam & other North Eastern states will give you all the memories to cherish throughout your life. 😍

Thanks for reading 💕

A simple attempt to write about Assam. Suggestions are highly anticipated . Thanks & Stay connected. 😍

Style your Off Shoulder dress : 4 ways [LOOK BOOK]!


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READING TIME – 2 Mins  (300 words)

Thanks for coming back to my page again! Hope you will get to know something new from my experiences! Please shower your love towards me & comment on the description below!

Shopping a perfect dress is a challenge for me! Because I like to style that perfect dress in different ways! So, today I would like to share how to wear an Off Shoulder Dress: 4 Ways!!


1. Simply wear it! An off shoulder dress can be wore casually. Accessorize it with a hoop earrings or a choker necklace & a sling bag! You are all set to hang out with friends or stand out in a party!

Footwear Tips– Casuals (Canvas shoes)/ Party wear(heeled sandals).


2. Halter it!  Yes! You heard it right ! You can wear it as a halter dress too. Only thing you require is a safety pin or a metal bobby pin & a black or any suitable colored ribbon with that dress. Put that ribbon in the hole of bobby pin & tie at the back. ( Ignore my color of the ribbon, i couldn’t find one! 😉 )


3.  Formal wear ! You are all set & ready to go office with a blazer or a overcoat ! It can be wore as a formal dress too with a stilettos or pumps !


4. Tube dress! You can wear a tube under your dress. Wear it under your shoulders & you are all ready to wear it as a tube dress! Accessorize it with a hoop earrings or a statement earrings & you are ready to hit the party! Pair it up with a gladiator shoes!

Easy ways to style your off- shoulder dress. I hope these tips will help you out in styling up your dresses.

Add On: Please keep in mind while buying an Off shoulder dress, its usage & also ways of styling before buying it.

I jotted down it within 10 mins. So suggestions are highly appreciated. I would love to hear from you. Stay connected for more updates! Thanks a lot for reading ! ❤ ❤

Love you All ! 🙂 🙂